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Saves Fingers

There are some who may have even lost skin off a finger trying to pull it out of the heel of a shoe.If you have never used a shoehorn before, you are missing out on a really easy and comfortable way to put on your shoes.

Saves Shoes

Hated of that unsightly frayed and collapsed leather that all too often on a shoe back? Well, it can be easily prevented and just need a shoehorn. The use of a shoehorn eliminates unsightly wear and tear heels so your dress shoes or boots look better and last longer.

Perfect for any shoe wardrobe

If you have never used a long-handled shoehorn before, you are missing out on a really easy and comfortable way to put on your shoes. Long-handled shoehorns help to prolong the life of your shoes. Useful for both men and women, This is a must-have for any shoe wardrobe.

Long-handled Shoe horns are ideal for people who:

  • Have a difficult time bending over

  • Had surgery recently

  • Suffer a back injury

  • Have a disability

  • Are pregnant

  • Are seniors


How They Work:

  1. Place shoehorn against inside back of shoes

  2. Position foot in shoe with toes pointed down and slide heel down against the shoes shorn

  3. Push heel down against the shoehorn until foot is securely in shoes then remove shoehorn.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tremaine Rosenbaum

Pretty, comfortable, immediately went into the purse. In the office I think it will be very convenient to jump out of sneakers into shoes. Looks expensive.

Mable Bins

Delivered very quickly, the quality is super, does not bend.

Luis Auer

Nice and flirty.

Mathew McClure

Very good. Recommend

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