Vegetable Chopper And Slicer

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blade storage slot, safe, worry-free, and space-saving, the back of the motherboard is designed with a storage blade device, you can easily store the blade, not easy to lose the blade

The 10-piece set includes: cutting board, storage bottom box, ceramic planer, hand protector, thin blade, thick blade, grinding blade, flower cutting blade, filament blade, thick blade


You can cut out new patterns in the kitchen without the need to practice knives. The six blades can be switched at will, the operation is simple, and the various styles are all done.

More supporting tools, intimate hand-hold drain storage, after peeling, cut and wash directly, comes with drain basket function, convenient and fast

The blade is simple to install, easy to disassemble and use, easy to use, one lift and one press, no professional and comfortable handle for installation and use


Name: Multifunctional round vegetable cutter

Material: Food Grade PP

color: blue

Size: 28 * 18.5 * 7.5cm

Weight: about 435G

Uses cut slices, cut flowers, etc.

The first step: the storage box handle and the bottom box are spliced ​​in the direction of the arrow

Step 2: The connection between the lid handle and the lid is spliced ​​in the direction of the arrow

1. Stainless steel blade, the blade is sharp and does not rust, so it is more secure to use

2. Suspension handle, comfortable handle design suspension port, more convenient to place

3. Optimal material, made with food grade PP for more peace of mind

Package Included:

1 * cutting board

1 * Storage bottom box

1 * ceramic planer

1 * hand guard

1 * thin blade

1 * Thick blade

1 * grinding blade

1 * Cutting blade

1 * Filament Blade

1 * coarse wire blade


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