Transparent Jelly Lipstick Temperature Change Velvet Lip Gloss

Color: 04
Size: Full Size
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100% brand new and high-quality products.

The texture is fine and smooth, oily but not greasy, dumb but not dry.

Full-colour, rich colour, high colour rendering.

The product contains two different colour options:

1. One lipstick 3-colour paste, one lipstick can be applied with three lipstick colours, two different colour matching options, can meet your pursuit of lipstick colour.

2. Jelly paste, temperature change can change colour, the colour of lipstick will change with the colour change of temperature.

Jelly cream lipstick, moisturizing and nourishing, lip hydration.

Many colours are available.

Small and light, easy to carry.

Suitable for various occasions.


Applicable people: general

Skin Type: General

Net content: 3.8g

Shelf life: 3 years

Product color: as shown

Package Included:


✔️Beautiful unique lipstick infused with gold flakes and a real flower, that changes color once you apply it on your lips. It does not only look perfect but also smells amazing, it'll make your lips softer and give them that glossy pink tint.

✔️This cute lipstick is a must have for every make up lover, the color changes with temperature, so you'll have a diffrent lip color depending on your body temperature, how cool is that? The three lipstick have almost the same color only a diffrent flower, you'll surely impress everyone with this one of a kind lipstick.

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