Strong Power Handheld 12V Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner Car Vacuum Cleaner High Suction For Car Wet And Dry dual-use Vacuum Cleaner

Color: Black
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1. Multi-purpose accessories, accessories with a variety of brush heads, can clean every corner of the car seat, gaps, floor mats, trunk
2. Strong suction seconds to clean, can absorb all kinds of debris, coins, soot, water stains, etc.
3. 120W high power, automatic adjustment motor, long-term use does not heat, good stability
4. Low noise operation, double noise reduction, quiet vacuuming, 4 meter extension cable, more convenient to use.

Product parameters:
Vacuum cleaner voltage: 12V
Power: 120W
Power cord: 4M
Size: length 39* width 11* height 9 (cm)
Style: cigarette lighter battery
Extension cord accessories: flat mouth suction / EVA hose / brush / connector
Product color: black / black orange / white black


1.When the vacuum cleaner is not working,please check the plug is in good contact,check the plug fuse is it disconnected?
2.The vacuum cleaner can only use DC power 12V,and it must not use other power sources.
3.Vacuuming can not be used continuously for more than 15 minutes,they need to be suspended for 1 to 2 minutes to continue to continue their use,otherwise it is easy to burn out the motor.
4.To clean the vacuum cleaner filter,otherwise it will affect the vacuum effect.
5.The filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly.


Customer Reviews

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Ima Goodwin

thank you this product. very fast ldelivered and perfect.

Dora Rice

It was as expected and it works very good. Good shipping speed. It connects with the HappyLighting app and works with songs, voice and it has different lighting options. :)

Raven Kihn

Arriver abîmé il faut jamais commander chez cette vendeur , il ma volé ,je déconseille.

Kody Metz

The goods came in for 3 weeks, not yet checked. Purchase satisfied

Rickey Carter

Fast delivery. The box is a bit damaged, but the content looks good. Havent try out yet.

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