Red Light Therapy Belt Heating Pain Relief for Back Shoulder And Neck Pain Pillow Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief Massage Device

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Red light therapy belt heating pain relief for back shoulder and neck pain pillow neck and shoulder pain relief massage device

1.  30-minute timer function
2.  Separate control of red light and infrared light
3.  Pulse function, three-speed power adjustment
4.  EMS massage function, 6 modes and 9 intensities
5.  Select the temperature as needed
6.  The LED function and the EMS function can be used separately or at the same time
7.  Advanced environmental protection materials, no peculiar smell, soft and skin-friendly, stains on the surface of the product can be scrubbed with water after use.
8.  It is suitable for analgesia of the neck, arms, knees, legs, abdomen, shoulders, etc., hot compress physiotherapy and massage.

✔️The basic principles of red light therapy. Laser physiotherapy is the biochemical changes that occur after the laser is absorbed by the human body or animal tissues. It is called phototherapy or photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation is an accurate and specific term. It was officially added to the MeSH database in 2006.


✔️The principle of EMS bionic current. EMS technology is to simulate the bioelectric signal sent by the brain and transmit the signal-level low-frequency pulse current through the sweat glands to the motor nerve endings, so as to achieve the purpose of "deceiving" the brain, but the brain thinks you are moving, thereby driving muscle movement. By adjusting the frequency, intensity, and time of the pulse current to adjust the intensity, time, regularity, etc. of muscle contraction, it can achieve the purpose of exercising muscle strength, reducing fat and shaping.

✔️Light with a wavelength of 600nm (red end of the spectrum) to 1200nm (near-infrared end of the spectrum) is the best range for penetrating tissue. This wavelength range is often referred to as the "treatment window" for laser applications, as shown in the figure.

✔️Although these wavelengths are within the same penetration range, each wavelength has its own unique characteristics, and each wavelength will penetrate to a different depth. The main chromophores that absorb light and prevent it from penetrating the target tissue are melanin, haemoglobin, and water. Melanin has a high absorption coefficient, so dark skin absorbs more light, especially those with a wavelength less than 830nm. Wavelengths exceeding 1300 nm are strongly absorbed in water, so it is difficult to penetrate.

✔️An important parameter of the laser system is to have a suitable wavelength to allow penetration of deep tissues. Wavelengths above 800nm can usually reach a suitable depth for the treatment of most musculoskeletal diseases. When treating wounds or shallower cases, shorter wavelengths, such as 660nm, can be effectively used

✔️Purchase this device to experience a painless, safe, non-toxic, natural physical pain relief program and weight loss program, no side effects, accelerate tissue recovery, and reduce pain caused by inflammation and sports injuries. When using the device, it is best to ensure that the hair/skin in the treatment area is clean. It is best to trim the hair in the treated area because light can enter the tissue more.

✔️Portable 660nm+850nm infrared red light dual-light therapy-red light can directly reach the deep layer of the skin, stimulate cell repair, promote blood circulation, and make the complexion more vibrant and youthful. Infrared is invisible to the naked eye and has strong penetrating power.

✔️It produces a thermal effect, increases tissue temperature, promotes blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and improves cell viability and regeneration. 30 minutes automatic timing


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Allan Stroman

seems good but instruction not enough details of EMS 1-10 what it mean as well as M 6 steps

Haylee Kertzmann

very fast and excellent product

Mavis Sanford

It is a great product. Very happy with it. It came five days past delivery date I paid extra for.

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