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✅Golf Ball Alignment Marking Tool is effective to launch a straight line to fill the hole and provide accurate gravity of the ball, helping you to keep the rod stable and correct.

✅It is a great golfing tool for friends, parents, brothers, and families to exercise golf and will be a wonderful gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Family Gatherings, and New Year.

[ Straight Line for Golfing ] Golf Ball Spot Marker is helpful to launch a straight line to fill the hole, ensuring the correct center of gravity of the golf ball, and avoiding missing the hole in a short putt.

[ Accuracy Improvement ] Golf Ball Line Marker is effective to improve accuracy and correctly capture the center of gravity of the ball, stabilizing the ballistic trajectory, and reducing backspin, helpful to hit the ball accurately and stimulating the ball to fly the farthest.

[ Provide Rod Stability and Correctness ] Golf Ball Center Line Finder is accurate to find the center of gravity equator distribution line andpoint of the golf ball, with the rotation at a high speed of 10,000 revolutions per minute, useful to keep the rod stable and correct.

✅、[ Practical Golfing Tool ] Golf Ball Line Marker Tool is a helpful golfing tool to keep rod stability, making you find the correct center of gravity of the ball, practical to improve your golfing technique.
[ Gift for Friends ] Golf Ball Center Line Marker is a great gift for friends, neighbors, brothers, fathers, and golf lovers, making people exercise golf better, and suitable for birthdays, family gatherings, Christmas, and New Year.


Product Name: Golf Ball Center of Gravity Marker
Material: PP

Some Tips:

1. The capacity of the battery must be sufficient to provide power for high-speed rotation.
2. Press and hold the button and wait until the LED green light is fully lit before using it.
3. In the process of using thepoint or the center of the gravity line, you should tap the ball lightly, because the golf ball rotates at high speed on the scriber. If you keep pointing at the ball, it is easy to smudge the line.
4. If the attached marking pen is worn and no longer usable, please use a commercially available oil-based pen (fine-point pen)
5. If the quality of the golf ball is not good, it is easy to jump the ball in the turning groove.

Packing List:

Golf Ball Spot Marker*1pcs


1. Due to the lighting effects and filming angles, there is a color difference in the product, please understand.
2. Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size.

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Walter

We 've marked the line, so we should test the field with the marking ball.

Hulda Crist

Very good.

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