Mewoofun Sturdy Cat Window Perch Wooden Assembly Hanging Bed Cotton Canvas Easy Washable Multi-Ply Plywood Hot Selling Hammock

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Looking for a good quality window perch for your cat to give them a perfect view?


✅ Cats probably enjoy looking out the window and may be interested in plants or other animals outside.  All you need is our Cat Window Perch™. This hammock is designed with wide beveled armrests to provide a relaxing lazy bed for cats, with a larger area that prevents them from rolling over and falling. Its structural design is stable and load-bearing. And, unlike suction-cup hammocks, there is no risk of the cups aging and falling. Ours is more robust and secure. The ideal spot for your cat to sunbathe and observe birds.


The size is : 47*40*22 cm(18.5* 15.5*8.5 inch)


【Multi-scene use】:The cat hammock can be fixed in gaps such as window sills, drawers, chair backs, and bedsides. When you are not using the cat hammock, it can be easily removed without disassembly

【Adjustable cat hammock】:Cat window perch features adjustable snap-in legs for additional support of this cat window hammock. The hook and leg can be adjusted according to the width of different installation places, the widest adjustment distance is 6 inches

【Easy to Assemble】:The Cat Window Perch is easy to assemble ,you can install the cat window perch in 5 minutes. The legs are equipped with 2 felt spacers to prevent damage to the wall, It can hold up to 40lbs,apply to muti cats or large cats

【Stable & Save space】:Compared with the Cat window perch sucked on the window, our cat hammock can be directly stuck in gaps such as window sills, drawers, chair backs, bedsides, etc., without damaging furniture and walls, and without occupying valuable space in the home

【Easy to remove and clean】:The canvas can be washed, giving your pet a clean resting place. If you have any questions or are not satisfied, welcome to contact us



Why should you have this Cat Window Perch™?

✅ No Drilling, Quick Installation: It does not require wall drilling or suction tape for installation. The perch's hooks are adjustable for different wall thicknesses, and installation usually takes only 10 minutes.

✅ Good Load Bearing: Our Cat hanging bed has a multi-layer wooden frame, high-quality hardware, and can withstand heavy loads. This will last a long time for your cat.


✅ Adjustable Design: The bamboo brackets that support our cat hammock window on both sides are adjustable, making it suitable for windowsills of varying widths. The brackets help to keep the window cat bed stable.

✅ Multi-scenario Application: It is simple to install in a variety of settings such as a windowsill, cabinet, drawer, or even the back of a chair of varying thickness. Of course, it can also be easily removed without interfering with closing the curtain at night, saving space.


✅ Easy to Clean: Our cat window perch can be moved from window to window without disassembly. The bed's surface is a soft canvas. It is difficult to stick cat hair, but it is also simple to remove for washing, providing your pet with a clean resting place.


  • Material: Wood





Customer Reviews

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Skylar Emard

Dimensions are correct.
The product is strong enough for a cat of 4 kg.

Alessandra Satterfield

We are developing!

Hellen Lynch

Very bad quality, I bought it and it didn't last 3 hours, it broke on the spot,

Raymundo Shanahan

good product and on time delivery, worth the price.

Brannon Gottlieb

Very easy to assemble and very cute

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