Led Golf Balls 4Pcs/Pack for Night Training High

Color: red golf balls
Sale price$35.95


Led Golf Balls 4 pcs/pack for Night Training High Hardness Material for Golf Practice Balls 2021 The Newest


Material: the cover is the Dupont Surlyn,Innermost layer:Synthetic rubber with the LED electric.




Dimple NR:392pcs

Elasticity:above 65%

Hardness:above 80%

Package:4pcs in Carton


Note: Only 4pcs/box


>The ball core of the light is mainly are the red,blue.Green.And total time of the luminous 50 hours, every time it luminous 5 minutes,

> It will appear a beautiful arc in the sky,the shining like the meteor across the sky to the foothold,


When you receive the balls,it’s white color like normal golf balls.

Please hit it with strength,or you can use your golf club to hit it.

The shining time is 5-8 minutes.Then it will turn off automatically.

The total shining hour is 50 hours.In this way,you can test the balls’ quality


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