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✔️Bian stone contains more than 40 kinds of trace elements a minerals needed by human body, including more than 20 kinds of anti-aging elements such as calcium magnesrum, zinc and selenium,and can emit many far infrared rays and ultrasonic pulses beneficial to human body.



✔️Its efficacy is equivalent to the dual functions of far infrared therapeutic instrument and ultrasonic therapeutic instrument,which can promote blood microcirculation and regulate metabolism, dredging meridians,adjusting qi and blood,improving sub-health,beautifying and keeping in good health.

Full Body Warming Moxibustion:

✔️Head moxibustion:regulate insufficient blood supply to the brain,insomnia, headache, neuralgia, neurasthenia, memory loss,alopecia, baldness and white hair.

✔️Abdominal moxibustion:regulate stomach chills,abdominal distension,indigestion, constipa tion, irreqular menstruation,inflammation,impotence,premature ejaculation and frigidity.

✔️Moxibustion of cervical vertebra:regulates spinal stenosis, ankylosis, cervicitis.

✔️Back moxibustion:regulate stiffness and ankylosis, lumbar discherniation,scapulohumeral periarthritis, shoulder soreness and kidney deficiency.

✔️Legs moxibustion:requlate rheumatism andrheumatoid diseases,swelling and paralysis of legs abstructon ef menidians ano varicose veins.


Excellent craftsmanship:

✔️Made of high-quality Bian stone meticulously polished, thick and full, smooth and round, moderately soft and hard, and comfortable to hold.

Adjustable temperature:

✔️Five gears to adjust the temperature, color temperature control: red 100 degrees, green 80 degrees, blue 60 degrees, white 40 degrees, yellow 20 degrees.

Massage Technique:

Head: massage clockwise from inside to outside

Abdomen: massage clockwise around navel,expanding position from inside to outside

Neck: Brush from top to bottom.Scraping the neck has the effect of preventing and treating diseatw

Back: Scrape and dredge from top to bottom to the soies of the feetand massage from the heetethe toes

Thigh: dredae the calf from top to bottom, and scrape it from bottom to top excrescence

Leg: Leg lymph detoxification, canshape leg type,eliminate edemaeliminate leg drynesst leg


Material: Bian stone
Color: Red rose wood
Size: 15.5*8CM diameter
Weight: 0.543KG
Packing size: 9.3*9.3*16CM/
Input voltage: 245V
Output voltage: 12V


Packing List:

1* Bianstone Warming Moxibustion Instrument
1* EU/US Power Adapter
1* Storage Bag




Customer Reviews

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Jess Kuhlman

The goods arrived early, very accurate description.. Heats up quickly. It is worth noting the stone is well polished. Beautiful velvet case. Easy temperature setting

Rocio Mann

Very useful, he arrived in a week and a half to Pachuca, Hgo. My mother loved it for her work

Kathryn Parisian

Hot stone sensational in accordance with the description, very well and quickly heats up, wonderful shape. Super massage with it. I highly recommend to professional massage rooms.

Maxime Stamm

I can't believe I get to chili in just 9 days!!! I'm really surprised. Amazing product exelent quality I recommend 100% this is the second time I order I love this store your products are amazing buy with confidence

Theresa Paucek

I liked it was good size, the stone heats up well.

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