Fire Pit with Cooking mesh table cover heavy duty patio fire place outdoor garden backyard fire pit

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✅- This outdoor fire pit is made of solid and long-lasting black coated metal, it is not only provides warmth, but addes elegant decoration as a beautiful artwork.

✅- Comes with charcoal rack, Poker, this is a practical and convenient fire pit, heat proof frame;

 It can work longtime outside and keep rust resistant.
 Mesh lid is responsible for stoppingashes and sparks from flying out and burning you.
 Both of them ensure its safety use and gives youdual protection.
 Ideal for any outdoor gathering, lovers’ bill and coo, parent-child communication or simply sit down alone.
 Beautiful patterns and square clean line make it a perfectornament in your garden, patio or backyard. It will be worthy of your choice!
 A BBQ grill that has a surface that is safe for cooking and grilling food. The grill surface Included safety mesh cover encloses the fire for safety as well as preventing sparks or flying debris.
 Easy to assemble.


Material: Steel;
Overall dimensions: 32” (W) × 13” (H) × 32”(L)
Color: Black
Package Included:

1 x square fire pit
1 x Safety mesh cover
1 x Poker
1 x Grill
1 x Cloth cover
1 x Instruction

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