EMS Pulse Neck Traction Device Electric Heating Neck Massager Pillow Cervical Spine Acupoint Massage Relax Shoulder Pain Relief

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EMS Pulse Neck Traction Device Electric Heating Neck Massager Pillow Cervical Spine Acupoint Massage Relaxer Shoulder Pain Relief

  • 【Latest Design Unique Pin-Type Pulse Neck Cloud】12 groups of pin-pins precisely focus on your cervical acupuncture points, relieve cervical pain, and allow you to have a healthy cervical spine. The pulse conducts electricity through silicone, making it truly sting-free and more comfortable than traditional Neck Massager products.

  • 【Upgraded Cervical Traction Mode, great value for money】4 massage techniques, 5 modes, and 16-speed low-frequency pulse intensity rises gently, simulating real people kneading and beating with hands, relieve your shoulder and neck.Just 5-15 mins a day!An ideal gift for someone suffering from neck pain!

  • 【Targeted Heat Therapy, intelligent constant temperature hot compress】Built-in new thermostat, the hot compress area is larger. 3-level far-infrared hot compress, the heat flow of 100.4℉~113℉ is injected into the neck meridian, providing you with the most comfortable temperature, promoting blood circulation, which can meet the neck hyperthermia requirements of most customers, and provide better conditions under safer conditions.

  • 【Ergonomically Designed Neck and Shoulder Relaxer】Sturdy material provides stable and flexible support for your neck, maintains the normal curvature curve of the cervical spine, suitable for support, relieve your cervical pain and muscle tension.

  • 【Light and Portable & Intimate】Small and lightweight, you can take it anywhere. Perfect for use at home, in the gym, etc.Allowing you to relax and stretch the muscles of your neck and shoulders. Intimate voice broadcast, add more fun for you. With Remote control button + host button, easier to use.

✔️Operating instructions

✔️Long press the Power Switch key to open the machine and announce ^ Welcome to use the neck pillow massager, automatic combination

✔️Mode, green status light is on.

✔️In the power-on state, long press the Power Switch key to turn off the machine and announce "The massage is over. Thank you for your use."

✔️In the power-up state: short press the Power Switch button to adjust the temperature and broadcast the "heat high-grade-heat off-heat low-grade" cycle in turn.

✔️Long press the "+" button to switch modes and broadcast "knock mode, scraping mode, acupuncture mode, massage mode

Mode Automatic Combination Mode is looped in turn.

When switching modes, the low frequency will return to the 1st gear.

✔️Long press the "-" key to turn off or turn the voice function on. The content of the broadcast is "Speech On or Off" in turn. When the voice is turned off, press any key without any tone.

✔️Short press the "+" button to adjust the enhanced low-frequency gear, and the intensity 1-strength 16 can be adjusted. When adjusting the gear, broadcast

✔️"strength 1.... To strength 16. Short press the "-" button to adjust and reduce the low-frequency gear. Strength 16-strength 1-Pulse off can be adjusted. When adjusting the gear, broadcast "Intensity 16... to Strength"

Work-Dolphin Chong Closed."

Plug in the USB to start charging. If it is turned on, the machine will stop working and the charging indicator light will be on.

Yellow, always bright green after charging.

When charging, the machine cannot be used.




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Amaya Ratke

My husband trims trees, climbs ladders, and hauls wood and brush away, after a long day he comes home with muscle aches and pains in his neck. This unit relaxes all the muscles and he always feels better afterwards.

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