Electric Shaver Head Replacement Shaving

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1. Ultra‑thin three‑rings net, efficient shaving, no stubble, effectively improving shaving efficiency.

2. The shaving head can be removed and cleaned, and the shaving head and the body are designed separately.

3. When cleaning, the shaving head can be pulled out and rinsed, after drying, put it back in the shaver.

4. The double rings of the blade net and blade greatly increases the contact area between the blade and the face.

5. Auto blade sharpening, the steel blade will be automatically sharpened when used to keep incisive and durable.



Item Type: Shaver Replacement Head

Material: ABS + Steel Blade

Color: Black

Weight: Approx. 24g / 0.8oz

Package List:

1 x Shaver Replacement Head

• the shaving head can be pulled out and rinsed, Ultra‑thin three‑rings net, no stubble


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