Electric Pulse Moxibustion Back Massager Vibration Heating Lumbar Waist Traction Airbag Therapy Cushion Massage Relief Pain

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Electric Moxibustion Massager Vibration Heating Waist Cervical Traction Therapy Airbag Back Massage Lumbar Cushion Relief Pain

Instructions :

Switch / Time : Press once to turn on the power for 10 minutes , and turn on the automatic mode of the machine at the same time . Mode function , when the time is 20 minutes , the time is 30 minutes , and the time is closed

Manual inflation function : Long press the inflation buton to inflate ,release the inflation buton to stop .

Manual defation function : Long press the deflate buton to deflate , and the release button to stop .

Manual heating function : low temperature in the firstgear ,medium temperature in the second gear ,and high temperature in the third gear .

Vibration massage function : manual adjustment of 6 vibration modes .

Strength adjustment function : Manualy adjust 6 kinds of strength .

Automatic mode function : automatic inflation and lifting function ( also can be manualy controled ), Press to turn of the function



✔️Soothe your tired back muscles with this heating massager. If you're spending all day sitting at a desk, your back muscles are probably feeling it.

✔️That's where our lumbar heating massage comes in handy. It provides gentle heat and massage to soothe tired muscles.

✔️With its ergonomic design, the massage can be used while sitting or reclining. So relax and let the massage do its job.

✔️ Back pain relief: the acupressure mat is designed to relieve back pain and promote blood circulation



Fabric :PU leather
Appearance Shape: square/round square
Number of massage heads :2
Function: Timing
Power supply: rechargeable
Massage technique: pat

Packing list:



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kathlyn Spinka

It's good.

Sean Bergnaum

I bought the pillow for a lumbar and neck compression massage and as such it is excellent. The heating is also very powerful. The pulse massage was also a nice bonus, lots of modes, but because of the fuss with the wires not the most necessary. The pillow is comfortable and of good quality, even just lying on it is nice.

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