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TR16 is a kind of high precision current type battery capacity tester(also known as coulometer), which can test the voltage, current, and capacity of the battery to help users know the state of the battery in time. TR16 has a memory function. It is suitable for mobile and portable equipment. e-bike.balance cars.cleaning machines.instruments.ups and so on.

TR16 is suitable for lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-metal hydride batteries whose working voltage is from 8V to 80V.

​Basic parameters:
Working interface description:

We need a shielded wire and a ordinary wire (0.3-0.75 mm2).One end of the ordinary wire connects to positive of battery,another end connects to B+ of sampler (any one is ok).The B- of sampler connects to B- of battery. P- of sampler connect to P- of output. Finally connect sampler to coulometer by the shielded wire.(Notice: The diagram is not equal proportion)


Attention: Please connect as shown strictly. The sampler must be connected to the negative circuit, it is forbidden to connect to the positive circuit. If you want to extend the shielded wire,you must use 4 lines of same specification.


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