Cold Laser Therapy Vet Device for Pets, Red and Infrared Light Therapy Devices for Pain Relief, Home Light Therapy for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Animals

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  • 【Laser Vet Device for Pets】Best Choice: 2*808nm +12*650nm. It helps alleviate pain, heal wounds and accelerates the healing process. Suitable for dogs, cats, horses and other other beloved animals.

  • 【LLLT - Perfect Combination of 650nm and 808nm】650nm red light can reach the subcutaneous tissue, it helps with collagen production, reduce inflammation, stimulate cellular repair and increases blood circulation, applied to skin health, sports injuries, pain relief. 880nm light can penetrate deeper into the tissue, it tends to enhance metabolism, improve cell viability. It help with muscle recovery, wounds healing. Both combination will have better curative effect for animals.

  • 【Effective Pain Relief】This device helps with gingivitis, vertebral disc issues, osteoarthritis, acute injuries, ear infections, arthritis, open wounds and anal gland infections for your pets. It is safe, painless and has no side effects.

  • 【Portable & Easy to Use】Small size and handheld, specially design for household use. The vet device for pets is no longer available only at the veterinary office. You also can use it at home to relieve your pet's pain and discomfort. You can use it anytime, anywhere! Keep your pet healthy.

  • 【Note】We recommend using this device twice a day and 10-30mins each time. The duration may be different, depending on the various problems and their severity.


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The Cold Laser Therapy Vet Device for Pets is a therapeutic device designed to provide relief to pets suffering from pain and inflammation. The device uses two 808nm red light therapy devices to deliver low-level laser therapy to affected areas on dogs, cats, and horses.

The therapy works by using a low level of laser light energy that penetrates the skin and reaches the cells beneath the surface. The energy from the laser stimulates the cells to produce more energy and promote healing. It also helps to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain in the affected area.

The device is portable and can be used in the comfort of your own home. It is non-invasive, painless, and has no known side effects. The device is safe and effective for use on all pets, including those with sensitive skin.


If your pet is suffering from arthritis, joint pain, muscle soreness, or other forms of pain and inflammation, the Cold Laser Therapy Vet Device for Pets can be an excellent choice for providing relief. It is a cost-effective and safe alternative to traditional veterinary care and can be used as a complement to other treatments prescribed by your veterinarian.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tyrell Pfeffer

Very nice

Georgiana Lakin

Excellent service, very good device, works well in pets, my little dog suddenly can not walk but the day after the treatment is normal, it does not work the same in humans, it may require more time

Pete Berge

Very good product, well packed, its box excellent and protects the equipment well, my puppy very happy after almost a month of constant use, 10 minutes twice a day, little by little it is going to relieve itself, the device has the effect that analgesics had, but now without drugs, The product is as shown in the photo has serial number printed on the appliance and barcode labels which gives certainty about its authenticity.

Jeff Weissnat

Unfortunately my dog died before receiving article so I could not use it but I use it on me that calms me the slight pain

Ilene O'Conner

Very good quality and very useful

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