Body Shaping Machine With EMS&Heating Electric Slimming Massager Fat Burner Meridian Brush Anti Cellulite Massage Firming Device

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Heating Electric Slimming Massager 3D Body Shaping LED Fat Burner Meridian Brush Anti Cellulite Massage Firming Beauty Device



[Micro-current Treatment]: Can stimulate the circulatory system and promote your muscles to exercise fiber tissue which will help increase skin elasticity to restore the vigorous appearance with improved skin condition.

[Hot Compress]: Soothing heating can relieve muscle tense and stiffness to soften the skin, also can expel cold and dampness to relax your body fatigue, joint aches and pains.

[Vibration Massage]: 5 adjustable vibration gears can fully meet your multipurpose demands, to effectively wake up the skin cells and accelerate the cell metabolism to reduce stubborn fat and dredge to achieve weight loss and body shaping effect.

[LED Light Skin Care]: Beneficial red light can improve blood flow and speed up metabolism to eliminate venous congestion for skin rejuvenating and anti-aging effect.

[Mental Brush]: Effectively & Quickly fight unwanted fat

[Simple Operation]: Allows you to press the buttons for user-friendly control experience, and 30pcs brush bristles can quickly massage on larger areas of your body, time saving and practical.




✔️ This Slimming Body Scraper Combines Five Physiotherapy Methods: scraping brush, micro-electric five-speed setting, temperature five-speed setting, far-infrared infiltration, vibration massage two levels setting, etc. Each function can be controlled by itself, and the function is flexible and powerful.

✔️ Four Functions of Micro-electric Health Meridian Brush: Vibration massage, micro-electric dredge, heat energy dredge, infrared infiltration. Each function can be controlled by itself, with flexible functions and powerful functions

✔️ The Functions Electronic Meridian Brush: Electric massage to the surface of the skin aging cells, improve skin's breathing, is conducive to the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, increase skin lubrication and protection, make the skin smooth and moist, eliminate fatigue, eliminate detoxification, lose weight, slimming body, through vitality, bloody Wait.

✔️ Widely Usage: Scraping hot therapy can effectively promote dysmenorrhea, phlegm and dampness, and has great physiotherapy effects on body fatigue, back pain, gynecological menstrual pain and joint pain. It help relieve rheumatic joint pain, muscle pain, eliminate back, leg fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve immunity , speed up metabolism and so on 



The mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells: the lights in technology activate the mitochondria in injured cells so that they can repair themselves and produce brand new healthy cells.

✅ An injured cell won't be able to use mitochondria to repair itself in this way.

✅ Red and infrared light therapy send energy to our cells, including the injured ones.

✅ With that additional energy, these injured cells are able to activate the mitochondria that were previously inhibited.
The result?

✅ Injured cells can finally produce new healthy cells. The injury is repaired from within by your own body.

✅ That's why the Light Red can heal old pains and injuries and solve tenacious skin conditions.





Material: ABS

Shell Color: Gold(As Picture Shown)

Plug Type: US Plug

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Output Voltage: DC 9V 2000mA

Vibration Gear: 2 Adjustable Gears

Micro-current Gear: 5 Adjustable Gears

Heating Temperature: 35℃-55℃(5 Adjustable Gears)

Product Size: Approx. 22.2*10*7cm


Package Included:

1* Main Unit with Power Cable

1* User Manual



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Izabella Hudson

I received the product very well packed and in perfect condition. Thank you very much sir seller success and good sales!

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