Basketball Hoop Set Adjustable

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Basketball Hoop Set Adjustable Portable Basketball Stand Sports Game Play Set Toy Indoor Outdoor Basketball Play Sets for Kids Best Gifts 



Features: This is a DIY self-assemble basketball hook kit, which is easy to install and disassemble. Easy in the installation: 4 easy to assemble connecting poles. With a colorful solid basket board, it is good to draw your child's attention and improve their physical skills. Suitable for helping children develop their body coordination and balance ability. Parents and children can both join together in the fun, it is also good to boost the relationship between parents and child. The basketball base is very light, to make sure it can keep very stable, we suggest adding into some water or sand 


Material: Plastic, Silicone suitable for:kids over 3-year-old Adjustable height range:50-110cm Basket Ball diameter:around 100mm(inflable,unable to outgassing) pump dimension:200*25mm basketball net:205*270mm basketball board:337*247mm basket cylinder :236*45*45mm Type: Basketball/Basketball Stands Package Contents: Package included: 1* Mini basketball hoop 1* Mini basketball 1* Mini bracket tube 1* Mini base 1* Air pump


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