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Color: C1
Size: 20 cm
Sale price$25.60


Snuffle ball is an amazing enrichment toy made of multiple folded fleece circles. Just hide treats/kibble in between folds and watch your dog having fun getting them out.



No dog toy is indestructible, and we recommend allowing your dog to play in short sessions, which extends the life of toys and keeps the dog most engaged and interested. Do not allow your dog to gnaw on the toy for extended periods of time. As with all toys, discard any pieces that become separated.

Colorful and Chewy - Rather than a mat, this colorful tangle is great for rooting and soft chewing. Plus, your pup will love tossing and shaking it.
Soft and Plush - Made of soft materials, this puzzle ball won’t hurt sensitive snouts.

Cognitive Toy - Help your dog bust boredom with an enriching toy that stimulates natural instincts and engages cognitive skills

Easy to Use - Just insert treats inside the ball and let your dog find them!
Giving Back - For each snuffle ball purchased, we’ll donate 1 dog toy to a shelter in need.

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