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new Pet Feeder Pet Dispenser For Cat And Dog Travel Supply Automatic Smart slow Feeder Dispenser Fixed time amount of food

The pet feeder is a helpful addition to your feeding system. It is perfect for small animals like puppies and kittens that require small feeds at regular times. It allows you to feed your pets automatically by setting a feeding schedule. 

The pet feed’s hopper can hold up to 4 Liters of food. We recommend feed smooth dry food maximum up to 15mm in diameter. Please note the feeder is not suitable for wet food. There is also a built-in speaker allowing you to record a voice message that could be played at each mealtime to call your pet.

The feeder could also be powered for backup batteries to prevent the risk from a power cut. There is a built-in sensor to remind you to add food when there is less food. Automatic reversal mechanism helps solve the problem of food stuck. 6 physical buttons with 2inch LCD screen (with backlight) help you setup the feeder easily.



1) Automatically feeding by schedule and manual feeding
2) 4 Liters hopper with dry food maximum up to 15mm in diameter
3) Up to 6 meals up per day, each meal up to 50 portions could be set
4) D cell battery*3 to protect pets from a power cut
5) Up to 10s voice message to call the pets, playtimes programmable
6) Low food will give a reminder by indicator LED
7) Automatic reversal mechanism helps solve the problem of food stuck
8) 6 buttons with 2inch LCD screen(with backlight), easy to setup

What is Included?

1) Pet Feeder x 1
2) Power Adapter x 1
3) Quick Start Guide x1


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