Newest Ultrasonic Lifting Beauty Machine Anti-aging Wrinkle Removal Viration Massage Apparatus Home use for Body Face Eye

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2 in 1 Newest Ultrasonic Lifting Beauty Machine Anti-aging Wrinkle Removal Vibration Massage Apparatus House for Body Face Eye


✅ intelligent nutrition import/cleansing export function, clean pores, cleansing and detoxification, nutrition import, whitening and lightening, firming and wrinkle removal, slimming and slimming.



What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound refers to a mechanical vibration wave with a frequency exceeding 20000 Hz. The vibration wave has mechanical, thermal, and chemical effects.

The ultrasonic beauty instrument uses the characteristics of strong ultrasonic penetration and can penetrate 4~6mm under the skin to perform physical therapy on the human body and face to achieve the purpose of weight loss and body shaping, whitening and improving skin texture.

The characteristics of ultrasound?

Ultrasound has strong power and energy, acting on the face can cause skin cells to vibrate, produce a fine massage effect, change the cell volume, thereby improving local blood and lymph circulation, enhancing cell permeability, and improving tissue metabolism and Regenerative ability, soften tissues, stimulate the nervous system and cell function, and make the skin shiny and elastic.

Instructions for use:

How to use: Use the probe to move around the face in a circular motion

Order of use: conventionally, export first, then import

Use time: 5-10 minutes for the face and 10-20 minutes for the body every day

Frequency of use: It is recommended to export once a week and import 2-3 times a week

Export products: Detox capsules or detox creams, the facial cleanser cannot be used

Imported products: skincare products such as water/milk/cream/essence/gel/freeze-dried powder

Gear selection: 1-2 gears for eyes, 3-4 gears for face, 5-6 gears for body

packing list:

✔️One host

✔️One adapter

✔️One small ultrasound head

✔️One big ultrasound head

✔️A manual

✔️One probe storage rack


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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Macejkovic

The device is under trial. Excellent packaging The delivery of the device was delayed due to an error in the invoice data من خلال التجربة الأولى يبدوا ان الجهاز جيد

Deon Lind

Awesome. I 've already tried it. In a month I tell you the possible results

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